Slim Easynew hand held metal detector

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The portable hand held metal detector has fast detecting speed and high sensitivity. Perfect for safety check and the detection of prohibited goods, electronic products, metal etc in station, frontier defense, school, court, venue, factory and so on.

Adjustable Sensitivity
Please tear the paster and you will see the sensitivity Adjuster hole.(Turn the detector). Use a small straight-shaped screwdriver (NOT INCLUDED) to retate the counter-clockwise until a sound is heard. Then rotate clockwise, until no sound is produced. Then you can rotate for another half a circle, until the sensitivity meets your requirement.

1.Detecting temperature range: -15 ~ 45?
2.Frequency: 25K
3.Power source: 9V battery(included)
4.Power consumption: 270MW MAX
5.Working voltage: DC 7~12V
6.Standby current: ?5MA
7.Reset time: 0.5 seconds, automatically
8.Detecting Distance:
Pin : 0.39 – 1.18 in
Handgun : 3.94 in
Six inches dagger : 4.72 in
0.79in Diameter steel ball : 2.36 in
9.Product size: 14.76*2.95*1.34in

Package Contents:
1 x Hand Held Metal Detector
1 x 9V battery
1 x User manual

Warm Prompt :
1. Remember to turn off the power after using it; Take out the battery if you don’t use it for a long time.
2. Please pay attention to use rechargeable battery when you charging the detector, and avoid charging it when you have no rechargeable battery, otherwise may cause the explosion of battery; Please turn off the power switch when you charging the detector.
3. The charger voltage are AC 9V, DC 10V. Please use the full power source, or may cause the detector can’t work normally.


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