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Selfie Stick Bluetooth Monopod – Classic Phone Stand – blue

2,000.00 1,500.00

Very effective


Direct use. No need for app
Wireless control. No cable
Battery: Built-in lithium battery. Could take up to 6000 pics when fully charged.
Distance: Up to 10m
4 Fuction keys: Power on/Off, Focus enlarger. Focus narrow.
Strap hole design, easy to carry
Photograph and video yourself wonderfully everywhere! Wireless self camera monopod. This rechargeable mobile phone handheld monopod is designed to help you capture every moment as it comes. Suitable for Android, iPhones and pads. Take the best of Selfies any time, any day with this Selfie with mount holder and an in-built remote. Comes in an adjustable lightweight design with a hand-held stick pole and mount holder to give you lovelier selfies every time.Easy to use: Charge the Monopod → Attach your cellphone to the Monopod (Bluetooth) → Slip the phone to the clamp → Focus yourself → push the button.


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