Motorola Motorola Magone A8 Walkie Talkie Radio

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Product Features:

-Small, Compact and Easy to use
-16 Channels
-12.5/25kHz Channel Spacing
-2 programmable quick access buttons
-More than 8 hrs talk time @ 5-5-90 duty cycle
-Battery Saver Mode
-High/Low Transmit Power Selection
-Low Battery Indicator
-Priority Scan
-Nuisance Channel Delete
-Repeater/ Talk around
-Monitor/Stick Permanent Monitor
-Button Lock
-Busy Channel Lockout
-Volume Set
-Time out timer (10-600 secs)
-Tight/ Normal Squelch Selection

Standard packaging include:

-Mag One 1200mAh NiMH Battery, PMNN4071
-Mag One Spring Belt Clip
-Mag One 5.5-hr Charger 230V 50Hz Euro 2p
-Mag One Antenna
-User Manual

Product Options:

AZH84JDC8AA3 VHF 136-150MHz 12.5/25kHz 1-5W 16
AZH84KDC8AA3 VHF 150-174MHz 12.5/25kHz 1-5W 16
AZH84QCC8AA3 UHF 403-425MHz 12.5/25kHz 1-4W 16
AZH84RCC8AA3 UHF 450-470MHz 12.5/25kHz 1-4W 16

Frequency Range: VHF: 136 – 174MHz, UHF: 403 – 470MHz

Memory Channels: 16


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