Sale! Easynew metal detector
Easynew metal detector

It can easily detect weapons such as knife, gun and any metal articles which are hidden in human body. EASYNEW metal detector is a mini-type of hand held metal detector. It’s mainly used for the security inspection at important places. … Continued

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Sale! Garrett Handheld Metal Detector
Garrett Handheld Metal Detector

This Hand-Held Metal Detector is a rugged, compact  metal detector that has ultimate sensitivity for detecting medium-sized pistols, large knives, razor blades, box cutters and foil wrapped drugs from a legitimate close distance. The Garrett Tactical Hand-Held  gives out a … Continued

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Sale! Garrett Super Wand Handheld Metal Detector
Garrett Super Wand Handheld Metal Detector

From airports to sporting events, the lightweight Super Wand is the hand-held of choice for today’s security screener. High-volume screening detector with versatile dual alarm mode which allows audible or silent search. Detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband … Continued

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Sale! Garrett Walk Through Metal Detector MT-5500
Garrett Walk Through Metal Detector MT-5500
  • Indicates the side a metal target is located

  • Uniform detection field eliminates "hot spots"

  • Advanced microprocessor-driven technology

  • Enhanced sensitivity for more accurate weapons detection

  • Durable and professional design for years of use

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Sale! See All Inspection Mirror – Under Vehicle Search Mirror
See All Inspection Mirror – Under Vehicle Search Mirror
This Vehicle Inspection Mirror is efficient for inspecting below and above vehicles as they enter security areas.  It packs a 30 centimetres high-intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror, convex-shaped 2-fold amplification effects are common with the size of the mirror glass 1 / 2 weigh. SPECIFICATION:
  • Aluminium handles extend from 42″ to 51″
  • Detectable minimum height: 10CM
  • Grip: T-type retractable rod, turning 170 degrees around the joints designed to maximise the depth to the detection of vehicles and goods, shrapnel. Surface dust-free workshop grilled outdoor paint treatment, long-term use of non-bleaching, non-smell, harmless to the human body.
  • Light source: Optional LED light source. LED lights have long-life, high brightness waterproof, removable to serve as work lights and so on.
  • Carry:  Can be folded rod, fixed after a good one person can be put away. Can be equipped with easy to carry bag, can be dismantled when not in use and collection.
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Sale! Slim Easynew hand held metal detector
Slim Easynew hand held metal detector

The portable hand held metal detector has fast detecting speed and high sensitivity. Perfect for safety check and the detection of prohibited goods, electronic products, metal etc in station, frontier defense, school, court, venue, factory and so on. Adjustable Sensitivity … Continued

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Sale! Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror with DVR Function & Memory Slot
Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror with DVR Function & Memory Slot
  • This under-vehicle inspection camera is ideal for searching under cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. Similar to our popular under-vehicle inspection mirror, the camera easily lets you see if there is anything hidden under the vehicles before allowing them to enter a secure area.
  • Features galvanized steel handle, wheels, rubberized hand grip, five inch LCD view screen and inspection camera.
  • Heavy-duty swiveling wheel carriage and adjustable handle allow the security officer to easily check everywhere under the vehicle without having to bend down or lose focus on their inspection task.
  • The inspection camera features a Sharp CCD, wide angle lens, IR lights so you can use it day or night. The LCD view screen has a built-in DVR that can record every inspection and SD card slot so you can keep a record of every vehicle inspection
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