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How to Shop on

It’s simple to shop on :

Option 1

Steps to Buy

1. Select the product you want.

2. When the desired product is found, click on the “Add to cart” button below it.

3. Do the same for other products that you desire.

4. When done, click on “Cart” found at the upper right of the website. It takes you to the cart page.

5. On the cart page, you can select the quantities of products you want. Once you have selected the quantities you want, click on the “Update Cart” button.

6.Click  “Shop” at the upper right of the website if you wish to buy more products, if not, click “Proceed To Checkout” button.

7.Fill in your details

8. Place your order by click on the “Place Order” button below.


Option 2

Call or text +2348090910737 to place your order.


Option 3

Send an email to


Safe and secure shopping

Payments on can easily be made with cash on delivery.


On time delivery

Your orders take utmost priority and will be delivered between 1-3 working days, between 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. There’s also the availability of a Saturday special delivery option for further convenience for our customers. Should you have any questions on your order, you can either contact our customer service team via our contact form, sending an email to or you can call or text +2348090910737.

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